John 1:4-5 (December Bible Memory Project - Week 2)

 John 1:4-5  4In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. 


Read all of John 1 for full context:


Jesus is life-He is our life. It’s hard to have a clear grasp on what it means to be spiritual alive or spiritually dead unless you experience it in a radical way or unless it’s put into simpler terms-which John does for us here. John makes a point to share with the reader what spiritual life truly is-it’s light. The opposite being true about spiritual death-it’s darkness. Those who are spiritually dead can still walk and talk but they lack the ability to truly see because they are in darkness. On the other hand those who are spiritually alive can see clearly because they are in the light, which allows them to walk and talk in a new and purpose driven way. The Light permeates all aspects of our lives which were formerly consumed by darkness and it’s the lamp unto our feet. (Psalm 119:105)

In order for us to see the light, it had to be revealed to us. If a light is too far off, it can’t be seen and if light is hidden, darkness remains. So just like light has to be revealed and close, so did Christ. THE Light of Men (Jesus) became flesh and dwelt among us, revealing Himself to us. This is the greatest news of all. We were once lost in the consuming darkness of sin and death, blind to our own brokenness, with no way out, but God being rich and mercy, gave us the only light that could not be overcome by darkness, His son.

Jesus, our consuming Light…

So Jesus comes into our darkness as the light of the world and of mankind. John says, “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” Other versions use different word for overcome, such as; overpower it, grasp it(NASB), extinguish it(NLT), comprehend it(KJV) ex. Every single one showing that the Light of the world is an unstoppable force against the darkness. John Piper gives us a beautiful understand of this, “Just like our English word grasp can have these two meanings, so can the Greek word here (katalambano). The darkness did not grasp the light, that is, snatch it and remove it (see John 12:35). And the darkness did not grasp the light, that is, understand it. John may well have meant both.” 




Thank you for your rich mercy and your indescribable gift.

Thank you for saving me from darkness and bringing me in to your marvelous light.

We know that you made all things, and our sin has broken your creation, but by your rich mercy all things will be made new.

Thank you for making me new.

I know that without the miraculous gift of your son, I would be blinded by utter darkness.

So, thank you for being our PRESENT and consuming light, that will never leave us nor forsake us.




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