Romans 15:13 (December Bible Memory Project - Week 4)

 Romans 15:13 May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope. 


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As I’m writing this, I find myself wanting to type this verse out over and over again for the power and the simplicity that it holds. It’s hard to expound on a verse that has so much depth, yet is powerfully simple. Yet, for your sake I will attempt. 


Christ is the hope of all.


In the passage we see the incredible hope of Christ being extended to both the Jews and the Gentiles. In summary, Christ became a servant to His chosen people to show God’s truthfulness and confirm His promises, so that the rest of the world may glorify Him for His mercy. This is Good News. Rejoice because of this news and have abounding hope in believing through the God of hope. 


Our hope comes through knowing the God who is hope and He who fills us with joy and peace. 


Christ fills us with joy. The joy of knowing that God is with us and that He is for us and knowing that nothing can separate us from Him. Christ fills us with peace. The peace of knowing that Jesus will never love you any less or that he won’t love you any more than He already does right now and the peace in knowing we have the presence of the Holy Spirit in us. Finally, this makes us abound in hope! Hope of our future Glory and the revelation of Christ to come. Hope for peace and joy in the midst of our trial, that will never cease in the presence of our God for all eternity. 


What an encouraging promise, but (yes there’s a but) this overflowing joy, peace, and hope comes not simply through Christ, but through our belief in Him! Christ offers this freely to all, but we must believe in its fully satisfying power and all encompassing grace. Every true and lasting joy all comes though Christ in believing.




Thank you that your promises still stand, and for extending Your salvation to ALL.

We believe, but help us in our unbelief, for we deeply desire to experience the fullness of the joy, peace and hope that you freely offer us.

Give us fresh perspectives and new mercies as we continue in the trials of this world.

Grant us the underserving joy and peace that you promise, for we know you are faithful to do so.

Thank you Lord.


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