Romans 5:8 (LOVE | January 2022 Bible Memory Project - Week 3)

 Romans 5:8 - But God shows His love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. 

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Christ’s death covers all sin for all time for all who have believed and all who will believe.


Notice how this verse uses both past tense, present tense, and in a way it also uses future tense. This verse is the greatest news for all—for all time. 


Past tense: Christ died

Present tense: God shows

“Future” tense: while we were still sinners. Future tense meant in the sense that this was written for us now, those in the past, and those in the generations to come. 


Christ’s death on the cross was the greatest act of love, and even though it happened over 2000 years ago, the great love offered through His death is still seen today. His salvation, grace, hope, and word are still living and active. Christ died for all sins of all people who turn their hearts to Him in repentance—yesterday, today, and tomorrow. In other words, Christ died for us, while we where still dead, so that we may live through the continual display of His love through his death. 


While we were still in sin...


For one will scarcely die for a righteous person, though perhaps for a good person one would dare even to die.  (Romans 5:7) 


We might not even die for a righteous person. Christ died for us, the wicked and ungodly, so that we may put on His righteousness and goodness forever. God demonstrated the greatest act of love by giving His own Son over to death once for all, in the past. But He demonstrates this same love to us now, through the continual display of his grace and mercy today. 


Jesus did not die for the perfect and righteous you, He died for the broken and sinful you. He died for you sharing gossip that could ruin your friend’s reputation, He died for you scrolling through images you should never be looking at, He died for you turning your back on that person in need, and He died for you (fill in the blank.) Jesus died for the worst version of you, so that you could become the best version of you through Him. 


Love each other, because Christ first loved you.

Die to yourself, because Christ died for you.

Live for Christ, because He lives.

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