Partnership with Upstream

Upstream International is a global Christian non-profit organization that brings people together to challenge poverty in creative ways. Upstream believes that in every community there are individuals who have untapped potential to make their community a better place and impact the world around them for Christ, but lack the necessities (training, systems & structures, financial resources, etc) to further their work. They find these leaders & work alongside them, building relationships that bridge economic & cultural divides & produce empowered leaders. 

A part of proceeds from Proclamation Coalition go to Upstream International to support these missionaries and community leaders.

A Fresh Perspective

I've been privileged enough to have had the opportunity to go to Haiti and see first hand the impact that is being made through Upstream. It is Upstream’s desire and passion to not make change itself, but through the proper distribution of resources to empower the people of Haiti to make that change within their own communities. We are ALL made in the image of God and have personal callings and eternal purpose to our lives.  The only difference of our impact may be the resources we are given to fulfill these callings. Before I went to Haiti, I believed it was my duty in some way to help and change the lives of these people. I was proved wrong as I found myself being empowered by the people of Haiti through their spirit, joy, and passion for Christ. As I returned home, this left me with the immense desire to find ways to empower these same people with the abundance of resources that Christ has given me. 

“I often wake up in the morning feeling called by God to go to a specific place or home to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but won’t have the 75 cents to get there.” -The words of a Haitian missionary. 

The vision of the Proclamation Coalition was born out of the experience I had in the country of Haiti as I was able to witness what it looks like to bring together every nation, tribe, tongue, denomination, neighbor, and people, as we wait eagerly for the day of Christ’s return. 

-Blake Stanley (ProCo Founder & Creative) 

For the Gospel

As shirts go out, so does the Gospel. When you purchase one of our shirts, it not only equips you with incredible tools to proclaim the Gospel, but it also empowers people around the globe to do the same, people from different nations, tribes, and tongues, for the impact for which we were called.