The Good News:

It’s not like I’ve always wanted anything to do with God, Christianity, or the Church

In fact, I thought it was lame, boring, and there wasn’t much that sounded worse

My life was full of wickedness and death

When Jesus found me I might have only had one more breath

It’s because of love that Jesus died for an awful sinner like me

That by his blood I have now been set free


So let me tell you the most incredible story,

About a Man who is the definition of holy

For God sent His only holy Son, down to this sinful, wicked earth

Starting with the miracle of a virgin birth 

The Son of God, born to be our perfect lamb

Both fully God and fully man

He lived a perfect life of servanthood

And by His life, He set the standard for good

The wind and waves obeyed Him

But in the end His disciple betrayed Him

Our sinless Savior, beaten, mocked, and scorned

On His head, was placed a crown of thorns

The perfect lamb of God hung on a sinner's tree

But it didn’t stop Him from thinking about you and about me

He was placed in a grave

And did it all so that we could be saved

For three days, death thought it had won

But death, did not know the plans, of the Father and of the Son

Jesus won the victory through the resurrection

And now we have the gift of salvation.

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  • wish i can make a pege like this so I can spread the gospel too!🤍🥺

    this is so beautiful, thanks for the shirt, the bracelet and stiker also for thisss!, im in love on

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