Introduction: "The Story of Redemption"

Introduction: "The Story of Redemption" - Proclamation Coalition

Have you ever noticed that humans are storytellers? We’re story-telling people. We tell stories to our family during the holidays. When we leave work, we tell stories to our spouses about the day. We read stories to entertain and stories to inform. Perhaps you’ve even been helped by a counselor who used narrative therapy to help you make sense of your story. In nearly every life context, you and I cannot help but tell stories.

One reason stories are such a profound part of our existence is because, whether you know it or not, your life is part of a much bigger story. It’s a story that begins and ends with Jesus. That doesn’t mean you’re insignificant; it just means you’re not the point. The main character in the story is Jesus. His name and glory are woven throughout every page of history. And at the end of time, his name is the one we’ll remember when all is said and done. Over the next few months, we’ll take a closer look at the incredible story of Jesus. There are five main acts. Let’s take a quick look at each one. 


ACT I: Creation

In the beginning, before anything existed, God existed. The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit enjoyed perfect, unbroken fellowship with one another — each loving the other completely. Then God, desiring to share his glory, created the universe from nothing by the word of his power. Each time God created, he declared that it was good. Last, he made humans in his image and said it was very good. His final creation was the most cherished of all. Humanity was made without fault and designed to be with God forever.


ACT II: Corruption

However, it wasn’t long into the story before man chose to rebel. Eve was deceived by the serpent (Genesis 3:6) and ate fruit from the forbidden tree, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Adam then took and ate, knowing that each bite was rebellion against God. Adam and Eve willingly chose to pursue what God said would lead to death. As our first parents and representatives, their choice led to the corruption of humankind (Romans 5:12). Things are not the way they should be. 


ACT III: Salvation

But the story doesn’t end there. God could have easily left humanity in corruption, but he didn’t. Instead, the story that you and I are a part of is the story of God providing salvation for his people. When the time was right, God sent his son, Jesus, to save us from sin. People expected the Savior to come in power, but he demonstrated his power through humility and weakness. God’s glory is most clearly seen on the cross. And his power was displayed three days later when Jesus rose from the dead. By walking out of the grave, he proclaimed that sin, death, hell, and corruption are forever defeated. Salvation is freely offered to anyone who believes. 


ACT IV: Proclamation 

There is no more excellent news in all the world than this. You can have a relationship with the Creator of the universe. When you and I receive this great news by faith, we are brought into God’s family, and then we’re sent back into the world to proclaim the good news. In other words, we’re saved from darkness and brought into the kingdom of light. Then we’re sent back into the darkness to show people the light we’ve found. We are on a mission with King Jesus to proclaim the gospel to the ends of the earth: 


ACT V: Redemption 
The story isn’t finished yet. One day, King Jesus will return. He will end evil, injustice, sin, and darkness. He will restore all things and establish his kingdom. He will rule and reign for all eternity in perfect justice and righteousness. There are no words to capture the incredible future God has in store for his people. On that day, the end of our story will actually be the beginning. Every moment with King Jesus will be spent in ever-increasing joy for all eternity. This is the story we’re a part of. This is the story our hearts long for. 
Even so, come, King Jesus. 
We are waiting for you. 




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