A Guide to Bible Memory Project

How BMP Works
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The Project
Bible Memory Project is a subscription service that delivers monthly packages straight to your door. Included in each package are wristbands that help you memorize scripture verses from the Bible.

The Wristbands
Each wristband is inscribed with the first letter of each word in a memory verse. For example, "God is love!" would be inscribed on the band as G I L !

The Themes
Every memory verse that comes on a Bible Memory Project wristband is part of a larger series centered on a common theme. Past themes have included The Fruit of the Spirit, The Armor of God, and The Story of Redemption. Every subscriber to Bible Memory Project memorizes the same verses on the same theme together!

The Extras
Our packages include your memory wristbands as well as two stickers, a bookmark with the memory verses written out, and a postcard for you to hang on your fridge!

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Why not try it out? The first month is free on us. Just use the code "WORD" when you checkout!

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