Psalm 51 - “A Prayer of Repentance”

As we wrap up the Bible Memory Project theme from the last 9 months of diving into the 9 fruit of the spirit, we couldn’t be more excited to announce our theme for the last three months of the year:


PSALM 51 - “A Prayer of Repentance”

 (October - December 2022)

Psalm 51 is a model of deep repentance which we see from David. To briefly set the backdrop of this psalm, David (“the man after God’s own heart”) had committed adultery with Bathsheba and murdered her husband (to get the full story, read 2 Samuel 11-12). This sin corrupted, hardened, and numbed his heart and mind until Nathan, the prophet, confronted David about his sin, which led to David responding in the prayer of repentance that we see in this psalm.

I believe that this Psalm of repentance is an important one that is worthy of cherishing and memorizing in our hearts for when we transgress against God. I personally memorized this Psalm 3 years ago during a season of struggle. Since then, it has been a prayer of comfort and refuge in times of needed repentance, moments where I too often have not known what to pray, I have been able to simply pray the Word of God back to Him. It has been truly powerful and I want you to taste the same fruit from this that I have! I find here an appropriate posturing towards God in humility and a deep understanding of the depravity and brokenness of our fallen condition. We will break this psalm down verse by verse to understand why this chapter is profound and has been beloved among believers for generations.

We will be memorizing and dwelling on 1 verse a week for the next 12 weeks!