A Message From Our Owner

In early 2017, I was having deeply rooted conviction to have Gospel centered conversations, and to share its life changing message. As it turns out, starting those conversations is often terrifying and challenging, especially when you feel as if you're in it alone. So, I began searching for a way to create tools to help start Gospel conversations.

The idea of “wearing the Gospel” came to mind, all with the goal to make disciples, and encourage believers, through something as simple as a t-shirt. Not just to wear a declaration of the Gospel, but to wear an invitation to Gospel conversations. The idea was to make shirts that would invite people to ask you a simple question “tell me about your shirt,” ultimately allowing you to share the Gospel in line at a coffee shop or filling up your gas tank, and that wherever you see one of our shirts, you can be reminded that we are in this mission together. 

This is what PROCO was born out of... a small brand with a very big and powerful mission. We know that our God often uses insignificant people and insignificant things (like this ministry) to accomplish His mission, so that it’s done by His name alone. It’s been an unbelievable privilege to be able to steward this ministry and to sit back and watch as God works and pours out His immense blessings. Hearing stories of people coming to saving faith, and finding community, through something as simple as a t-shirt will never cease to amaze us. Something only God can take credit for. We started this business with a God sized dream, way beyond our capacity, so that He has to be a part of every detail.

We are so thankful you found our ministry and for your desire to grow the body, by making the name of Jesus known! We look forward to continuing to watch how God uses this company in His mission, to bring together every nation, tribe, and tongue.  

To His name be all glory, honor, and praise!

-Blake Stanley (ProCo Founder & Creative)

In the Business of Door Opening

We believe that unity is formed through conversation not a declaration of opinions. This is why we design each shirt with the intention to create an invitation for conversation. We are a coalition that is formed by proclamation through the invitation to conversations about salvation! This is where we stand out from many brands around us, we don’t want to simply declare what we believe in, but want to equip you with tools that invite proclamation by way of conversation. 

Everyone wears a shirt. What conversations are yours starting? 

Your purchase of shirts doesn't just equip you with tools for Gospel Proclamation; it also empowers people across the world!

Let's open doors together.